Dongsu Ryu


Department of Physics

School of Natural Science

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)

UNIST-gil 50, Ulsan, 44919, Korea

Phone: +82-52-217-2148

Fax: +82-52-217-2239





Astrophysics Lab of Prof. Ryu

The universe contains cosmic plasma of baryonic matter, in addition to dark matter and dark energy. The so-called nonthermal components of the plasma, that is, shock waves, magnetic fields, cosmic rays and turbulence, are expected to play significant roles in the formation and observation of the large-scale structure of the universe. Yet their nature and origin are not fully understood. In the lab, the cosmic plasma as well as dark matter and dark energy are explored. Along with numerical simulations for the formation of the cosmic web, theoretical arguments based on plasma physical models for collisionless shock wave formation, cosmic ray acceleration, astrophysical turbulence, and magnetic field generation are employed.



Research Areas

        Shock waves and turbulence in clusters of galaxies

        Origin and evolution of magnetic fields and cosmic rays in the universe

        Plasma astrophysical phenomena in the large-scale structure of the universe




        Ph.D. (Astronomy), University of Texas at Austin, USA, 1988

        M.A. (Astronomy), University of Texas at Austin, USA, 1985

        B.S. (Astronomy), Seoul National University, Korea, 1983



Employment and Academic Positions

        Director of Center for High-Energy Astrophysics (CHEA), UNIST, Korea, 2016 - present

        Professor, Department of Physics, UNIST, Korea, 2014 - present

        Dean of School of Natural Science, UNIST, Korea, 2017 - 2018

        Adjunct Researcher & Director of Center for Theoretical Astronomy, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI), Korea, 2016 – 2017

        PI of BK21 Plus, Department of Astronomy and Space Science, Chungnam National University, Korea, 2013 - 2014

        PI of Global Partnership Program, Department of Astronomy and Space Science, Chungnam National University, Korea, 2007 - 2010

        Assistant, Associate, Full Professors, Department of Astronomy and Space Science, Chungnam National University, Korea, 1992 - 2014

        Visiting Professor, University of Minnesota, USA, 2002 - 2003

        Visiting Professor, University of Washington, USA, 1996 - 1997

        Postdoctoral Researcher, Princeton University, USA, 1990 - 1992

        Postdoctoral Researcher, Astrophysics Group, Fermilab, USA, 1988 - 1990



Awards, Honors, and Non-Academic Positions

        President of Korean Astronomical Society, 2020 - 2021

        Vice President of Korean Astronomical Society, 2016 - 2017

        Vice Chair of Division of Plasma Physics, Association of Asia Pacific Physical Society, 2014 - 2017

        Member of Executive Committee of High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics, 2012 - 2019

        Chair of Program Committee, Korean Astronomical Society, 2012 – 2014

        Certificate of Appreciation, National Science & Technology Commission, Korea, 2011

        Korea-Research-Foundation Endorsed Scholar, 2007 - 2017

        KOFST Prize for Distinguished Scientific and Technological Papers, 2004

        Best University Researcher Awards at Chungnam National University, Korea, 2000, 2001

        Seoam Fellow, Korea, 1996 - 1997



Selected Papers

        Electron Preacceleration in Weak Quasi-perpendicular Shocks in High-beta Intracluster Medium, Kang, H., Ryu, D., & Ha, J.-H. 2019, The Astrophysical Journal, 876, 79 (14pp)

        Filaments of Galaxies as a Clue to the Origin of Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays, Kim, J., Ryu, D., Kang, H., Kim, S., & Rey, S.-C. 2019, Science Advances, 5, eaau8227

        Proton Acceleration in Weak Quasi-parallel Intracluster Shocks: Injection and Early Acceleration, Ha, J-H., Ryu, D., Kang, H., & van Marle, A. J. 2018, The Astrophysical Journal, 864, 105 (12pp)

        Properties of Merger Shocks in Merging Galaxy Clusters, Ha, J.-H., Ryu, D., & Kang, H. 2018, The Astrophysical Journal, 857, 26 (11pp)

        Turbulence and Magnetic Fields in the Large Scale Structure of the Universe, Ryu, D., Kang, H., Cho, J. & Das, S. 2008, Science, 320, 909 - 912

        Cosmological Shock Waves and Their Role in the Large Scale Structure of the Universe, Ryu, D., Kang, H., Hallman, E. & Jones, T. W. 2003, The Astrophysical Journal, 593, 599 - 610

        Cosmological Hydrodynamic Code Based on the Total Variation Diminishing Scheme, Ryu, D., Ostriker, J. P., Kang, H. & Cen R. 1993, The Astrophysical Journal, 414, 1 - 19



Vita and Publications


        Publication (Papers Appeared in SCI Journals)



Personal Links

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        3rd Korean Astrophysics Workshop (KAW3): International Conference on Cosmic Rays and Magnetic Fields in Large Scale Structure


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        Korean Numerical Astrophysics Group (KNAG) - Season 2

        Korean Numerical Astrophysics Group (KNAG) - Season 1