Selected Recent Publication

  • Shock Acceleration Model for the Toothbrush Radio Relic

    Kang, H., Ryu, D., & Jones, T. W.

    2017, The Astrophysical Journal, 840, 42 (14pp)
  • The Case for Electron Re-Acceleration at Galaxy Cluster Shocks

    Reinout J. van Weeren, Felipe Andrade-Santos, William A. Dawson, Nathan Golovich, Dharam V. Lal, Hyesung Kang, Dongsu Ryu, Marcus Bruggen, Georgiana A. Ogrean, William R. Forman, Christine Jones, Vinicius M. Placco, Rafael M. Santucci, David Wittman, M. James Jee, Ralph P. Kraft, David Sobral, Andra Stroe & Kevin Fogarty

    2017, Nature Astronomy, 1, 0005
  • Binary Black Hole Mergers in the First Advanced LIGO Observing Run

    LIGO Scientific Collaboration; Virgo Collaboration

    2016, Physical Review X, 6, 041015
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    Seminars & Events

  • Nov 2, 2017

    2017 5th CHEA Collaboration Meeting

    UNIST, Building 108, Room 501
  • Sep 26, 2017

    SRC 2nd year on-site consulting by NRF

    UNIST, Building 108, Room 501
  • Aug 25, 2017

    2017 4th CHEA Collaboration Meeting

    UNIST, Building 108, Room 401
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