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X-ray Free Electron laser and Future Trends

Dr. Sandeep Kumar
Max Planck Center for attosecond Science, POSTECH (in collaboration with PAL-XFEL, Korea)

Developments of X-ray free electron laser around the world have set new frontiers in X-ray science, improving on synchrotron sources by at least nine orders of magnitude. Tuneability and capability of generating coherent radiation over a very broad spectral range make them highly versatile light sources. XFEL has shown the remarkable progress toward the shortest and intense photon pulse generation. However, due limitations in the bunching of the electron- beam, the current XFEL pulse has peak power in the range of 10 to about 50 GW and pulse duration from a few to about 100 femtoseconds. In my talk, I will present the methods to further enhance the pulse power and shortening the pulse duration in XFEL by manipulating the 10 GeV PAL-XFEL electron-beam characteristics. Finally, the role of intense PAL-XFEL e-beam and photon pulse in plasma physics and laboratory astrophysics will be discussed. In this vein, the particle acceleration in plasma medium will be discussed. To understand the acceleration process of collisionless shocks in astrophysics, possible experiment using the state-of-the art PAL-XFEL facility will be discussed at laboratory scale.

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