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Neutrinos and convection in core collapse supernovae

Prof. Grant Mathews
Univ. of Notre Dame, USA

Neutrino interactions and convection are key components of the mechanism for supernova explosions and also play an important role in the associated nucleosynthesis. Nevertheless, a number of issues remain to be resolved. For one the role of neutrino heated convection in the outer envelopes may be crucial to generating an explosion. This talk will summarize some of the current issues regarding convection neutrino interactions in the core and outer envelopes as a supernova progresses. We will also address the possible role of sterile neutrinos in the explosion.

Impact of Nuclear Weak Interactions on Supernova Dynamics and Nucleosynthesis

Prof. Toshitaka Kajino
(NAOJ & Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)

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