In the astronomy/astrophysics community of the East Asian region, there are growing common interests in the blooming field of numerical astrophysics.
In order to exchange new ideas and learn new results among each other, the biennial EAST-ASIA NUMERICAL ASTROPHYSICS MEETING (EANAM), was set up in December, 2003 in Taipei, Taiwan, and the 1st meeting was held in November, 2004 in Tokyo, Japan. This meeting will be the 2nd of the series.

In this meeting, we would like to focus on astrophysical fluids.Topics will include numerical astrophysics of

- hydrodynamics including smoothed particle hydrodynamics
- magnetohydrodynamics
radiative transfer
particle acceleration (shock and turbulence)

Researchers from the East Asian region as well as other parts of the world will discuss

- how to learn more physics and take more initiatives in the field of numerical astrophysics.

how to enhance the interactions between all of us

Power point and acrobat files of talks and posters

Photos taken during the meeting


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