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Method of Lines Transpose (molt), An O(N) Implicit Maxwell Solver Coupled with Particle in Cell

Andrew Christlieb
Michigan State University, USA

In this talk we outline a new particle in cell method that seeks to overcome the traditional difficulties associated with PIC and geometry by changing the perspective of particle weighting to field propagation. The approach uses the vector potential form of Maxwells equations. The formulation is solved using the method of lines transpose, which starts by discretizing the problem in time and then solving the resulting boundary value problem using a Greens function approach. The method is made efficient through the use of an Alternating Direction Implicit methodology combined with fast convolution. Complex geometry is addressed using an embedded boundary approach. The method is as efficient as an explicit Yee solver while offering the possibility of being high order. The gage condition is enforced in one of two manners, either via an elliptic solver or through the use of a hyperbolic divergence cleaning.
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